The Joy Of Cooking With The All Clad Copper Core 10 Piece Set


all clad copper core 10 piece setEven though I’ve had my All Clad Copper Core 10 piece set for three years, it is still a joy to cook with it. Especially if I’m entertaining.

My experience with the All Clad Copper Core 10 piece set is similar to what occurred when I began to appreciate wine about 15 years ago. You see, back in my younger days I just couldn’t believe that any bottle of wine was worth more than $10. Maybe I’d go to with a $15 bottle if it was a special occasion. They all taste about the same, I thought. I had nothing against wine, it just didn’t do anything for me.

Then, a friend of mine who was really into wine invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner with his family. I still remember that he uncorked a bottle of 1992 Caymus and poured me a glass. I tasted it and fireworks went off. What is this magic elixir, I asked. It was like no other wine I’d ever tasted. It was a revelation. From that day on, I became a wine lover and now own several hundred bottles. Here’s a picture of my wine unit. And I still have a couple of bottles of that 1992 Caymus left.

How Wine Led Me To My All Clad Copper Core 10 Piece Set

garage wine unitCookware followed a similar path. Prior to 2009, my collection of cookware consisted of a mixed bag of inexpensive pots and pans. Although, I did go out on a limb and purchase a couple of Calphalon pans. I enjoyed cooking, but I was skeptical that high-quality and higher-priced cookware could make a big difference in my results.

Even before 2009, my old cookware, some of which was 20 years old began breaking and flaking. So once again I was inspired by another friend who is a very good cook. He loves cooking, and once attended culinary school for eight intense weeks of training in French cuisine. He did it just for fun.

I admired his approach to preparing food, and he always talked about the benefits of quality ingredients and cookware. So I decided that I was going to make a significant upgrade in this area.

And just like my wine experience, using my All Clad Copper Core 10 piece set has added another fun element to my life. But let me tell you how I get the most out of this cookware.

Mind Your Cooking Temperature

The instructions that come with your All Clad cookware will tell you not to go beyond medium heat unless you’re trying to boil water quickly.

I have an electric range in my home. I can tell you that this is very good advice and should not be ignored if you want your cookware to last. With my old cookware, it was quite common for me to turn the heat up to medium-high or full-high when cooking certain things. If I didn’t, it would take forever to get food hot from bottom to top.

Cooking with the All Clad Copper Core cookware is much different. I never have to turn the heat above medium. For example, I frequently make soups in the 8 quart stockpot. I’ll start with the heat at medium (or slightly lower) as I saute onions or brown meat. Then I’ll add some stock.

It doesn’t take long for the pot to start boiling. And after I’ve thrown in all the soup goodies, I’ll turn the heat down to medium-low and cover the pot. The soup will still have a medium or soft boil as it cooks. There’s no doubt that this is due to the ability of the aluminum and Copper Cores to conduct heat all the way up the sides of the pot.

Although I’ve not tested to see what would happen if I turned the burner up to very high for a long period of time, I don’t think it would be sustainable. What I mean is, I think it would become clear pretty fast that something bad was going on inside that pot or pan. Nevertheless, doing this to your cookware could permanently discolor or ruin it.

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Get Ready For Fast Even Cooking

I’ve seared steaks, scallops, fish and more in the Copper Core fry pans; sauteed lots of vegetables in the saute pans; and made some delcious sauces in the sauce pans. Everything comes out beautifully. Again, I never need to turn the heat above medium.

The seared foods have a nice even golden crust on them; the sauteed items are all cooked to the same doneness; and the sauces have a nice creaminess and texture from top to bottom.

The only mistakes I’ve made were early on when I stepped away and didn’t watch a pan. It took a couple of failed efforts before I realized that the All Clad Copper Core 10 piece set cooks foods faster than my old cookware.

Thankfully, I listened to the advice of not having the burner temperature above medium. Nowadays, I’m in perfect sync with what the cookware is doing. I love watching it work.

Be Careful With Utensils

In many cooking videos, I’ve seen cooks and chefs use metal tools and utensils such as spatulas,large spoons, and tongs to stir, flip, lift, and move food in stainless steel pots and pans.

I chose (and choose) not to use metal tools when cooking, and would recommend you don’t either. I just feel that I’ve spent a chunk of money on this beautiful cookware, and I want to keep it looking that way for as long as possible. Using metal tools and utensils on metal surfaces is going to cause scratches.

I know that some chefs say this adds to the patina of the cookware. But I say, patina shamina, I’m not scratching my cookware if I can help it. So I purchased less abrasive forms of these tools. I use wooden spoons, and silicone spatulas and tongs.

So here I am three years later and still enjoy my All Clad Copper Core 10 piece set as much as I did the day it arrived on my doorstep.

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